Thursday, January 1, 2015

My New Year's Toast For YOU!

May every beautiful moment last longer than the rest and etch itself to your memory.

May you learn something new at every turn.

May every hard lesson to be learned, be cushioned by a soft place to fall.

May each encounter leave you more whole and more grateful.

May every struggle tumble you head first into the strength to overcome it.

May you embrace those who need to be encircled and know how to let go of those who aren’t meant for you to hold.

May you be loved beyond your comprehension, may you have the courage to feel and accept it, and to love in return.

May your quietest prayers be answered in the loudest ways.

May you see God in every good and perfect thing.

May you find the will to say all the words that need to take life outside of your mouth. May you find the wisdom to bite your tongue and swallow back the words that taste bitter.

May you be surrounded by people who are worthy of your trust and admiration. May you be a person to be trusted and admired.

May you dream big things YET be content in the small things.

May you see opportunities to be kind, and take them to the next level.

May you be told often and emphatically that you matter…and may you believe it all the way.

May you compare yourself and your life only against your own hopes, ideals, and reality and no one else’s.

May you accept yourself as you are but not be complacent about becoming your best version.

May you revel in moments of solitude but never find yourself lonely.

May you laugh and dance and sing with reckless abandon whenever you find cause. May you find cause frequently.

May you feel, see, smell, taste, hear and really KNOW happiness in all of its simple and complicated forms.

May you delight in your own weirdness, and be unapologetic in your uncommonality.

May you feel simultaneously big and small when you stand at the ocean’s shore, or under a star-filled sky, or walking down a tree-lined street, or watching your children sleep, or sitting on the floor of your closet surrounded by shoes and memories…May you be okay with the significance and insignificance of you.


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