About Me

Glitter: Glitter has become a metaphor in my life for hope, optimism, idealism, happiness & silver linings. It became a theme that the people who knew me best in my family and our circle of friends started to refer to me as the person who threw “glitter” in the face of obstacles and saw “sparkle” in the mundane moments. I embrace this ideal and hope to live up to it. To me, glitter is so much more than that magical craft substance that spiffs up all our projects and makes our custodians want to go running for the door- for me glitter is the beauty that exists in every moment and every situation, if you’ll just open your eyes and let yourself catch a glimpse. If you can’t see it, I hope to have some extra in my pockets to toss in your direction.

Gadgets: I am a nerd, not necessarily the type that it’s cool to be either, but the type that is just completely fascinated with things I can’t even begin to (but really hope to) understand. I love all things techie and am wonderstruck by the way gadgets and gizmos work, evolve, and simplify our lives. I also love the way gadgets and machines remind me of the way our brains work, all the cogs and inner workings of who we are functioning to compel and enable us to do what we do. I’m especially keen on Apple Products, Cinematography tools, Google Apps, and, well...video games. I’m interested in and passionate about utilizing technology in my classroom to simplify my life, engage, excite and connect my students, and enhance our learning and relevance in this ever-evolving, wondrous world!

GradeSchool: I am so fortunate to have spent my entire teaching career at the Milton Hershey School. I spent my first 3 years as a Primary Science Teacher for PreK-3rd Grade, the next 6 years as a 4th Grade Teacher/Team Leader, and am currently teaching 2nd Grade. My profession is my passion. I am enchanted by wonderstruck children, inspired by lightbulb moments, and strive for growth and I love finding new and exciting ways to engage and challenge my learners, collaborate with other professionals, and bring learning to life inside and outside of the classroom. I love sharing my ideas and journey here, and hope to grow from the ideas and feedback of others!

I live in Pennsylvania with my amazing and supportive husband, Andy & our two (mostly) charming, enchanting, fun-loving kids, Alana & Connor. I love practicing random acts of kindness, old books with writing in the margins, COFFEE, 5 Star Restaurants, a Reuben done just so, rain traveling down windows, capturing sunbeams in pictures, dresses with pockets, quotes that make me go back and read them again, giggling children, the guffaw of a friend, big and little cities, The Kid President, Social Media, Writing, Poetry, Exploring, and YOU for stopping by!

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