Wednesday, January 4, 2017

One Little Word 2017 - Momentum

This year, I chose my one little word for 2017 less for the word itself, and more for the myriad of ways I'm choosing to let this one word guide and move me ahead in 2017 personally and professionally. I've written more about how I feel about resolutions, goal setting and the #oneword project in years prior, so here, I'm just jumping right in. 

My word for 2017 is Momentum...MOMENTum :) 

Momentum keeps me on my feet in my classroom, reminding me that this moment of the year is the one to push forward in our learning. This moment in our year is the one we've been building towards. With a safe space and supportive community in place, it's time to push each other to work harder, dig deeper, and achieve more. 

Momentum reminds me that I'm helping my students gain velocity for a whole lifetime of learning and growing and changing and world-changing in the years ahead.

Momentum nudges me forward with bravery when the gravity of my dreams taking form frightens me and makes me want to dig my heels in and stand still a while longer.  

Momentum whispers, "change is ok". 

Momentum reminds me that some things are moving forward whether I like it or not, time moves on, my children are growing up. 

Momentum says "make the moments count." 

Momentum challenges me to be mindful to move my body, not to shrink it, not to punish it, but to enjoy it and all that it's capable of doing,  just as it is now in this moment. 

Momentum urges me to dance. 

Momentum helps me to learn to love the sound of my feet moving away from things not meant for me. 

Momentum winks at me with reassurance and worthiness so I can move my feet towards the things that are, and always have been meant for me. 

Momentum inspires me to grab the hands of the ones I want with me, no matter where I'm going. 

Momentum reminds me that to rise strong, we must rise together.

MOMENTum encourages me to look back at the moments that make up a lifetime and to live so fully in every single one of them. 

Momentum reminds me to that as far as we've come, we've got a long way to go. 

Momentum asks me to keep moving us forward and offer rest, hope and encouragement to the weary who are tired of walking the harder roads alone. 

Momentum gives me permission to dig my heels in, and slam on the breaks when I feel that a person or moment is moving me in a direction that isn't where I want to go. 

Momentum demands I change course with ferocity to get back on track. 

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