Monday, September 15, 2014

Admission...I've got Abandonment Issues, and I'm about to jump this ship!

A little over a week ago, a new teacher friend of mine (thanks to social media) encouraged me to join the (@Teach Thought Reflective Teaching) 30 day blog challenge, and I tentatively agreed. My hesitation wasn’t about the idea, the prompts or the challenge itself, as much as it was about the fact that such a challenge completely goes against an ideal I’ve developed recently about writing. I LOVE to write. I also love sharing ideas, thoughts, and generally throwing musings out into the great void that is the internet. The thing is, that after spending the last two years pursuing my Master’s Degree., I found that I started to like writing a little (just a teensie bit) less. The Catalyst? Well, it was surely because in the scope of my courses, the writing was always very controlled, contrived, and the deadlines weighed on me like the gravity on Jupiter. I just don’t like writing THAT way. I recognize that daily “challenges”, prompts, and requirements are highly motivating for many amazing writers, but I’m just not wired for it. With deadlines, and formats and citations (Oh MY!), I feel frustrated and rebellious instead of motivated and inspired . So post graduate courses, I’ve been writing A TON, on my own terms, and I’ve found my love of moving my fingers across the keyboard has been renewed… I’d like to keep it that way, and I’d like to be done forever with writing anything that doesn’t excite my spirit and stir my soul, when there are so many things that my plans for #DotDay which I have to get back to now, instead of worrying about blogging deadlines. So I will happily read the blog posts of others, and I will even answer some more of the prompts this month- but I’m not an official member of the 30 day challenge because I’m staying true to a previous challenge I gave myself, to stay true to what I know and love and to stay away from commitments that may steal my joy or burden my weeknight’s! :)

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