Monday, September 8, 2014

Day 8 (Blog Challenge) What’s in your desk drawer, and what can you infer from those contents?

The fact that my desk drawer can be photographed and even have discernible contents, is proof positive that we’re only about a month into the school year! Even so, I suppose my plethora of organized goodies is a bit telling- so here are my inferences :) *which are really quite easy to make considering I know the owner of this desk drawer quite well!

Starting in the back left hand corner:

Cherry Chapstick: Little known fact- I am addicted to the stuff and buy it almost every time I’m in a grocery store. I have a tube of this in almost every area of my world, always at the ready. Why? Well, for one thing, the taste and smell of it rushes me back to simpler days when “lipsmackers” were all the rage, but I still held an affinity for the old standby! That being said, I also, of course, appreciate the protective effects it has on my lips, the gentle sheen it gives them, and subtle sweet taste. So there.
Inference: Loyal Nostalgic with cherry-flavored lips!

Urban Decay all in one pallet: because a spontaneous date night is always a possibility and this girl likes to be put together for such an occasion.
Inference: I don’t need a glamorous job but I find my glamour where I can!

Black Eyeliner: Same reason as above and additionally, a job that causes me to tear up on occasion requires the occasional touch-up- especially if my post-work plans with my hubby or girlfriends are exciting!
Inference: This sap likes to keep a little edge ;)

Gum: I always have gum. Mostly because I feel bad to inflict my coffee breath on my students.
Inference: #coffeeprobs

Tiara Glasses: It makes me laugh that these are in here- but I have little costume pieces (from boxing gloves, mustaches, wings, NASA helmet etc) stashed all over my room. This just goes to show that I’ll do just about anything to quickly engage my students or spice up my lessons, and kids love a good show, so I ham it up whenever possible!
Inference: I have a flair for the dramatic!

Sweet Smelly Pencils: I’ve got a thing about smells! I also keep a bottle of Coppertone sunscreen in the drawer below this one, because smelling that stuff is instant SUMMER! I keep things around that make me smile or feel special, and smelly pencils don’t really do it for me, but the definitely light up my kiddos! SO I keep a few on hand for special occasions!
Inference: I like to capitalize on all 5 senses when it comes to happiness & learning.

Rogue Nerf Dart: I keep these stashed everywhere as well so I am always prepared for a good nerf war and because I seem to find them here, there and everywhere once one has occurred! I have some like-minded fun colleagues who also keep a stash so I have to be ready if I come under attack, but I also use nerf darts in review games with students and they love it!
Inference: I’m a big kid with a strategic bend.

Tide Stick: An elementary school cafeteria is a battleground for teachers with a passion for fashion. Sticky fingers, huggable children and despicable ketchup packets are the enemy, and a tide to go pen is our ivory skirt’s only hope.
Inference: I can’t turn down a pint-sized hug even for the sake of my JCrew Chambray or ivory lace!

Twistable Crayons: I have this weird thing about crayons. I am totally aware of how strange it is, but I just hate them. I’ve always loved coloring, but something about the waxy film, the weird smell, the shredding labels, just makes me cringe! I actually considered this pretty high up on my con list for moving to a primary grade. Lucky for me, there are twistable crayons, and all my woes of the old original are appeased by this wonderful invention! If only I could afford to outfit all my kids with them- but for now, I keep a few handy for color demonstrations!
Inference: I’m weird and I may have had a traumatic experience in a crayola factory as a child.

Duct Tape, Post Its, Push Pins: I have a list of synonyms for GRIT hanging in my classroom this year- it’s hanging with double-sided duct tape, and one of my faves on the list is Stick-To-Itiveness - I like to “stick” things that inspire me and my students up at a moments notice- so I’ve got plenty of sticky ways to post quotes, posters, pictures, student artwork, cards, notes, etc!
Inference: Personalization matters.

Caffeinated Mints, Starbucks Via, Emergen-C: Sometimes I don’t have time to make my espresso and steamed milk in the morning (this almost NEVER happens) and there is always the chance that the machine breaks, or my hands become immobilized, and so, I have a via packet (just mix with hot water and Voila! Starbucks coffee) for just such an emergency. I also start alternating vitamin C packets with my coffee once cold and flu season kicks in, and the mints help ward off headaches if I’ve gone too long without my wonderful coffee bean!
Inference: Prepared for emergency situations of all sorts!

Computer Dongles, USBs, Earbuds: This girl loves her tech! I’m also a sharer, and these tools help me share, plug in, display and consume the learning technology of the moment!
Inference: #nerdisthenewblack I embrace my nerdiness and harness the power of tech to reach my students and colleagues!

Happiness Notes: I picked these up a couple of years ago and keep restocking them! They are just one more way I use to connect to and encourage my colleagues- because we all need those little reminders once in a while, that we are loved and appreciated! #KindnessMatters #HappinessIsABoomerang
Inference: I like cute notes, and making people smile!

Label Maker: I use this to label files, drawers, cabinets, books, and just about anything else. Its a gadget to help me get excited about my everlong quest or order and organization!
Inference: Trying...ever trying!

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